A Novelty in the Way of Club Runs

I ran across this article in the Wheel and Cycling Trade Review of March 10, 1893.  We have a real historical precedent for what we are doing.  Here it is, titled: "A Novelty in the Way of Club Runs"

The Massachusetts Bicycle Club intends to inaugurate a novelty in the shape of a number of historical runs.  The first of these interesting events will be the Paul Revere ride to take place on April 19.  The evening before a club meeting will be held, at which papers relative to this important event will be read, and before daybreak the party, under command of Capt. A.D. Peck, will start and follow the exact route taken by Paul  Revere on his famous ride.  After dinner at Lexington the cyclers will ride to Concord following the route of the British soldiers, stopping to examine all the historic points of interest.  The return will be over the road on which the redcoats retreated, and the entire days' outing ought to prove both enjoyable and interesting.