[Friends] New mailing list address

Raj Singh raj at rajsingh.org
Sat Dec 8 10:47:57 EST 2012

Dear friend of Cycling Through History. 

If you are getting this email, you were previously subscribed to the friends at afrobikema.org email list. In an effort to simplify our digital presence, we've decommissioned the afrobikema.org domain, and moved everything to:
and our Facebook page at:

You probably just received an automated email announcing your subscription to this list, and I hope you will continue your interest in our project. Please take this opportunity to check out the web site. We've put a lot of effort into it this year. In fact, we're nearing the final stages of development on a slick way for everyone to contribute important historic sites and tie them directly to bike routes. 

You can see some of the routes we're working on here:

The best developed one so far is Medford to Bedford:
(all the red dots on the map are clickable)

Look for more frequent news from us in 2013, and thanks for your interest.

Raj Singh
Treasurer, Cycling Through History
raj at rajsingh.org
(617) 642-9372

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