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African-American Heritage Trail History Sites

Street or Other Address: Atlantic Avenue

Nearest Corner: Atlantic and Cross Street

Digital & Degree Coordinates: 42.361231,-71.05154; N42 21.676 W71 03.091

Start: Columbus Park. Accessible by public transportation, Hubway bicycles (no helmets) available if needed for self-guided tour. Across Atlantic Avenue from Urban Adventours. Bikes, helmets and guides available here.

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Tags: Urban Adventours, bike tour, historic Boston, bicycle

Street or Other Address: North Square

Digital & Degree Coordinates: 42.363567,-71.053567; N42 21.814 W71 03.214

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Tags: Crispus Attucks, Rachel Revere, Cotton Mather, Boston Massacre, Paul Revere, American Revolution

Street or Other Address: 68-72 Charter Street

Nearest Corner: Charter corner of Snow Hill

Digital & Degree Coordinates: 42.367583,-71.055317; N42 22.055 W71 03.319

View Little Guinea. A small community of free African Americans lived on the steep slope of Copp's Hill from the 17th to the 19th century. Members of this community were buried in the Copp's Hill Burying Ground, where a few remaining headstones can still be seen today.

Tags: Prince Hall, Little Guinea; Copp's Hill; Copps Hill

Street or Other Address: Tremont Street

Nearest Corner: Tremont between Beacon and Park

Digital & Degree Coordinates: 42.357350,-71.061183; N42 21.441 W71 03.671

Tags: Crispus Attucks; Boston Massacre; Granary Burial Ground

Street or Other Address: Boston Common at Massachusetts State House

Nearest Corner: Beacon and Park Streets

Digital and Degree Coordinates: 42.357467,-71.063567; N42 21.448 W71 03.814

View Robert Gould Shaw and 54 Regiment Memorial and Statehouse. Responding to pressure from black and white abolitionists, President Lincoln admitted black soldiers into the Union forces in 1863. The 54th Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry was the first black regiment to be recruited in the North.

Tags: Robert Gould Shaw, 54th Regiment, black soldiers, William Carney, Congressional Medal of Honor, Fort Wagner, American Revolution

Street or Other Address: 5-7 Pinckney

Nearest Corner: Pinckney and Joy Streets

Digital & Degree Coordinates: 42.358883,-71.065367; N42 21.533 W71 03.922

Tags: George Middleton, Charles Sumner

Street Address: 65 Anderson Street

Nearest Corner: Anderson & Pickney

Digital & Degree Coordinates: 442.359051,-71.067642; N42 21.543 W71 04.059

Tags: school, phillips, segregation, john phillips, wendell phillips, elizabeth smith

Street Address: 3-10 Smith Court

Nearest Corner: Off 46 Joy Street

Digital & Degree Coordinates: 42.359817,-71.065300; N42 21.589, W71 03.918

Tags: William C. Nell, Richard Johnson, David Bartlett, Joseph Scarlett, black Bostonian, Home for Aged Colored Women, Meeting House School, Lemuel Shaw, African Meeting House, Thomas Paul, Museum of African American History, William Lloyd Garrison, New England Anti-Slavery Society, Abiel Smith, historic Boston

Street Address: ~377 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

Nearest Corner: Corner of Main Street and Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

Digital & Degree Coordinates: 42.363433,-71.099883; N42 21.806 W71 05.993

Tags: Major Taylor, Boston Pursuit Team, Eddie McDuffee, Burns Pierce, Nat Butler, Tom Butler, Church, Baptist

Street Address: 735 Commonwealth Avenue

Nearest Corner: Commonwealth and St. Mary’s Street

Digital & Degree Coordinates: 42.350400,-71.106650; N42 21.024 W71 06.399

Tags: Martin Luther King, MLK, Howard Thurman, Boston University, BU, Marsh Plaza


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